Fly Right News

Awesome Day in Clarksville, TN

June 23, 2014
203 men and women in Clarksville, TN came out to see Paul Wrenn and Jim Harris share their testimony, after which 10 male counselors and 5 ladies were able to minister to them.  We had a total of 114 decisions out of those 203 prisoners. 43 of those were first time decisions for Christ and […]

Great news from Gadsden!

November 13, 2013
Fly Right and Etowah County Detention center got together on August 3rd and worked for the Lord! We saw 30 teammates, coordinators and platform guests get to lead 43 inmates to the Lord for the first time and 162 rededicate their lives or pray for reassurance! What a great day!! There were about 500 inmates […]

God is really working in North TN! Praise Him!!

November 13, 2013
Fly Right had a great day in Clarksville, TN! We were the FIRST EVER program of our nature to be allowed into the local county work house. We took in 8 teammates to visit 60 men and the results were 8 first time decisions along with 27 rededications, That is nearly 60% if the men […]

Big Mississippi Event

July 6, 2013
We just finished posting a Day of Ministry Event for November 16th, 2013 for a Corrections Corporation Facility in NW Mississippi… The unit has 2600 CALIFORNIA inmates locked up there! We need 80 men and women to join us so we can take the Light of Christ into this remote place!  We need at least […]

Upcoming Events for the Fall and Winter

June 21, 2013
The Lord is really blessing us! Thank you for your prayers and support for all we get to do!! Two events on the horizon are: A Major CCA in MS that has 2600 men…we will need 20 bikes inside and a total of 80 men and women to get this done.  If all goes according […]