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Looking for you in Gadsden, AL

June 21, 2013
We have this posted under events so all you need to know is there!  We have a great opportunity to make a difference in Etowah County Jail! To do this, we need you and God to show up!  Please check out our events page for more information. Click Here!

Fly Right Huge Yard Sale

June 21, 2013
Fly Right Huge Yard Sale Fundraiser June 29, 2013 Come and see all the great stuff that has been donated to us from many to sell. There is furniture, computer stuff, radio control stuff, toys, baby clothes, TV and much more! All proceeds go to Fly Right Ministry! Proceeds take us to jails and prisons! […]

Michelle’s Nashville story is Newsworthy

June 21, 2013
I was nervous and excited when we started our “training” early Wednesday morning. I tried imagining what it would be like performing in a jail. But my imagination was running with reruns of Law and Order and CSI. The first 10 minutes of jokes I told were shaky. Everyone laughed, which is a good thing […]

Nashville, Laughter really is like a medicine

June 21, 2013
Laughter abounded at the CCA with us on Wednesday, June 12th! We had a great time in Nashville for our Day of Ministry. Thank you for the prayer cover. There were 209 decisions including 44 first time Salvations. Keep in mind nearly all the platforms and half the teammates were freshmen. God really showed up […]

Mobile Metro County Jail Report

January 28, 2013
Hello Fly Right Family! Fly Right had a great day in Mobile Metro County Jail on Saturday. God gave us 1525 inmates to witness to and about 40 teammates to get it done.  Lisa Ernst, John Heideman and Joe Nichols did an awesome job keeping a dozen speakers on time and in the right places […]