During your visit at our facility, you and your ministers brought smiles and hope too many in despair affording them that it is OK to change. I am convinced that other institutions and agencies will benefit from your visit in the same manner as the individuals here at Quitman County Work Center.
Jim Harris has been a tireless advocate for the "least of these" and God has given him a wonderful personal story that has impacted many others. I pray for great success in his continued efforts to reach inmates and young people with the transforming gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Jim has a real passion for reaching people who are on the edge of our society. He has the ability and personal life experiences to communicate very effectively with youth to help them make good life choices and to help those people who made poor choices to find hope and turn their lives around.
Through organizations like Fly Right, Inc., offenders within the facility at FCI Pollock are able to be reached by others who have undergone the same experiences and overcome the barriers they face upon their release.