Upcoming Events for the Fall and Winter

The Lord is really blessing us!

Thank you for your prayers and support for all we get to do!!

Two events on the horizon are:

  1. A Major CCA in MS that has 2600 men…we will need 20 bikes inside and a total of 80 men and women to get this done.  If all goes according to plans, we should be there on November 16th of 2013…mark your calendar so you can go see all these men from California!  Can you imagine how few visits they get?

  2. Mobile Metro has invited us to put them on our calendar every year on the fourth Saturday of January.  This is by far the most complicated and largest event that we do!  WE need to develop our team there and we need some serious prayer cover!

Please stay tuned for more news from Fly Right!  If you have something you want to share, please go to our “stories” tab and tell us so we can publish what God has done with you in prison or jail.  Those stories encourage freshmen to come with us!


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