Tino Wallenda

From the Big Top to the Big House, Tino Wallenda brings the thrills of high wire artistry to audiences across the nation and the world. From the world famous “Flying Wallenda” family, Tino brings his death defying high wire performance to the big tents as well as prisons of America. At the age of 12, he made his first crossing on the wire 35 feet off the ground. At 17, Tino became a full fledged member of the Great Wallenda troupe.  Some of the feats Tino has accomplished on the wire are walking over lions, tigers and man eating sharks; walking between buildings, over rivers and a waterfall. His highest walk was over the Denver D &F Tower. It was 189 feet in the air and 3,300 feet wide.

Tino and his wife, Olinka, are 6th generation Circus performers. They have 4 children, all who have taken part in the family tradition of wire walking. His granddaughter, Ysabella, is the 8th generation of the family to perform having begun at the age of 6.

Tino and his family have been performing and sharing their testimony at numerous churches and national Christian television program such as the 700 Club, 100 Huntley Street, PTL and Praise the Lord. Their missionary travels have taken them to many foreign lands including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, Canada and Kenya.

Tino has performed in hundreds of prisons all over the country. He is very well received by inmates as well as prison officials. He uses his talents on the high wire to illustrate the importance of focus and perseverance. He gives a personal testimony from his own life as well which is very compelling. He  is a hit wherever he goes!








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