You have done unto me! Matthew 25: 34-40

1. I thank God for each and every one of you, Unto Him I give all praise!
Once I was trapped in prison, not knowing what to do! Your hearts light gave me hope today.

2. Reflecting life by the King’s right hand. Blessed of the Father. Coming as my sister and brother without condemning me to this land.

3. You give of your time. That gesture alone sets me FREE! Restores the strength of my youth and comforts me.

4. One visit in prison means more than you know. Joy of the Holy Ghost.

5. For today I’m no longer hungry. I’m not thirsty you gave me drink. Though a tired stranger who found a friend. I pause Selah to think.

6. Naked you clothe me. Sick you visit me in prayer. Breaking the Chains of Captivity. Thank you for being here.

7. From the bottom of my heart Thank You. My brothers my sisters in Christ for all you do unto the least, know our King says you have done unto Me!

Sincerely, David (Your Brother)

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