The importance of recognition

Upon arriving in a women’s zone at the facility, I met an inmate named Marilyn who was bitter and frustrated for the perceived injustice done to her. I began visiting with her and just as the program was about to begin she walked away from me. When Jim arrived, he went straight to her as if remembering her from last year, he then told her, it was great to see her at the program. After Larry began to sing, we all gave him our full attention, then Jim did his flight program, we all huddled up in our small groups afterwards, Marilyn came to my group and expressed amazement that Jim remembered her, that seemed to open her heart to hear God’s love and accept salvation through Jesus.As we continued to visit Marilyn expressed concern on how to survive, being in prison, I then told her I don’t see how I could survive being in a wheel chair for 20 more years so I have to take it one day at a time.. Keep Marilyn in your prayers that her upcoming parole hearing goes well.

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