Revival in Metro Jail!

This was the first time I participated in any jail ministry! Had no idea what to expect. On training night saw lots of excitement and praise to God!

The first group of inmates we saw we’re not too excited. Most of them stayed in the bed. A lady gave her testimony and we shared the gospel tracts. I continue to pray for those young men!

Then we went to see the women. They were all up and ready to participate. A minister of music led hymns with his guitar. Those women were so full of joy and praise to God! I could not get over it. I was so touched by the spirit of God in that place! It was like revival to my soul as tears ran down my face! Then a pastor gave his testimony of coming from a good, successful family and getting into drugs etc at a young age. He eventually married but after several years…his wife could not take it anymore. His wife started going to church and got saved and so did he! He told how God has blessed him since then. The women in the cell block were hanging onto every word…Some of them seeing themselves in his story. We broke up into groups to share the gospel tracts. One young lady in my group had tears running down her face. She said, “this is what I have been searching for all my life!” She prayed for Jesus to forgive her and save her soul! It was so awesome!!

Then we moved on to the cell block where the hardened criminals are kept! I thought, “What have I gotten myself into? God help me!” The women were told to stay right beside a man in our ministry group. All the men were up and ready to listen. A man gave his testimony about how he murdered someone and received a life sentence. He had to wash his clothes in the toilet and was taken to get a shower about once a week! The men were hanging onto every word! Tears ran down my face as I listened to his story. He said the only thing he was living for was his mother. She stayed in contact with him and he did not want to hurt her anymore. Eventually she passed away and he was so hurt he finally broke. A chaplain told him about God’s love and he was saved!! He started taking small steps and received his GED and learned how to operate a computer. He shared how God kept blessing him. He said in 18 years he never got in trouble! He continued to receive privileges until the governor eventually set him free!! When we broke up into groups and shared the tracts, some said they prayed to receive Christ. I saw old men with tears in their eyes. It broke my heart to see very young men in there with the hardened criminals!

In every cell block, I shared that I was there because my son got saved in that jail and I am so thankful for the person who ministered to him.

I praise God for the opportunity to have been a part of this great ministry!

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