Great time in Tutwiler!!

Was a great day today in Tutwiler, MS. God was there. About 40 volunteers got to share with about 500 inmates and over 200 made decisions for Christ, 65 for the first time. But reality is also this conversation I had with a young hispanic man…really a boy, not more than 19 or 20. “I don’t believe NONE of your God stuff. It’s all B******T!…I didn’t come out here to get F***ING BERATED!” SURE YOU DID!
He came out because he was under conviction. Conviction can make a person mean. It’s not a good feeling and can be confusing to a lost soul. That’s why the Bible refers to it as “pricks” from the Holy Spirit, as in pricks from a needle. The blessing: His Christian friends IN THAT PRISON continued to witness to him after he walked away.

Two teachers at the facility, both young ladies, witnessed to the young inmates right along with all of the FLY RIGHT volunteers all day. Wonderful ladies!

My friend Angela Cobb Pennock told of allowing a bilingual offender to read through the tract for her as her translator to Spanish speaking offenders, and how THAT man made the decision to follow CHRIST!

Two people led individuals to the Lord for the first time ever. One, a young lady, did so in one of the segregation pods where offenders are taken who have been or are generally too bad to be in the general population. The other, a young bilingual hispanic man, has only been saved himself for four months! Still believe YOU can’t do it? You’re right…you can’t, but God in you CAN.

Next event is the fourth Saturday in January, Mobile, Alabama. Come and go. You will see the hand of God working and will be blessed!

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