God Is Awsome!!!!

On Saturday January 29,2016; I was Blessed to be part of God’s Ministry team to Walnut Grove Correctional Facility, Walnut Grove, Ms. After passing through security, which I would like to say thank you, to the personnel at the facility, for their professionalism in their conduct.

Once the event started, we were escorted into the areas where the inmates were housed. These men were truly grateful, in my humble opinion; to see all of us that came to share our testimonies, and our love of God, to them. We were well accepted by all. They were all in complete unisome of their gratitude in our visit. There were many prayers asked for and families prayed for by all; inmates and volunteers alike.

Some, at first stood off to the side, watching. By the time we were ready to move to another zone, they had moved in closer. Even those locked in their cells, were at their doors watching and listening. I feel truly Blessed by this opportunity to be involved with so many like minded brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. It is my desire to attend future events like this. Keep up His Good Work.

May God Bless All!!!

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