Fighting off the devil to do God’s work!

Here is a glimpse at what happened on Friday 4/29/2016. I am packed and ready to ride the Harley to prison, in DeKalb, Ms. about 320 miles south of Clarksville. There is always what seems like a lot of noise going on with ministry. First it is raining In Clarksville. I receive a phone call that a lady I do not know has been in a terrible automobile accident and really needs prayer. uugg. Well then there is my three year old granddaughter and she is having a party on Saturday. I keep hearing things in my mind like “Let the dead bury the dead, we must be about the Fathers’ work.” So I drive to Vanderbilt and the lady has since passed and also removed from the hospital to a funeral home just prior to me arriving. So I trek back to Clarksville and it has stopped raining. Well I also know that when I get in my wife Ellen will have dinner for me and it will; make me that much more tired. ugg. So I finish dinner and it is a little after 9 p.m. and it has stopped raining so I finally get the Harley out of the garage and off I go. Now this is also my “Prayer Closet” so me and God are talking and I am reminded that Jesus woke up in the boat and calmed the storm, no problem so I tell Father, you know I need the rain to stop for this ride, I need the rain to stop for our program in prison as we plan to be outside and yes, I need it to stop raining all the way back home. I had no rain except for misting on occasion. I actually came all the way back on I-24 exit 31 area and it began to rain, so I simply said, “Father you know I am believing all the way home?” Ellen had been a little upset with me because I took no extra shoes and left my rain suit at home! It did quit raining at least where I was riding. The news forecast was storms and men around me spoke of storms and I quieted them saying there is power in your words. Well I go through Birmingham, Al. about 2 a.m. and on I-20 a construction site and I hit a bump or something and my cell phone flies out on the interstate. There goes my GPS, my phone connection and my hotel confirmation. well I arrive at 3:20 and check in to the hotel and arise at 8:00 realizing that we are still 32 miles away from the prison and not too many people actually know where a prison is located. So I ask the hotel clerk, who could not believe I was awake and checking out so soon could only tell me how to get to the city of DeKalb. I walk outside where I hear “Hey Gary!” There are 6 of my friends that are on the prison team on their motorcycles. Wow! So I am overwhelmed and thanking God as only he can do this. Here is what is so interesting, While trying to find a parking spot at 3:20 a.m. it seemed like there was only one spot open. It was right out front and where both cars had parked on the lines so it would be a tight fit for a car but perfect for a motorcycle. Now, since I am so overwhelmed, I ask my friends who stayed in another hotel how did they find me? They all claim that they had checked in earlier Friday evening a little after 9:00 p.m. and they had went out for some food so upon returning to their hotel they looked over and saw my motorcycle parked in that exact spot and figured they should come and check on me since I was not answering my cell. Now they know my motorcycle because I had just been in Birmingham a few weeks ago with my friends. Wow. God! We ride together to the prison and you have no idea how much better that makes me feel now that we are riding together. When we get there it is overcast and my friends began to speak “Rain.” I quieted them right away, and we had absolutely no rain! I was able to minister to 14 in my group whereas 4 men accepted Christ for the first time and one requested a bible through the prison Chaplain. I also now have 2 more inmates for correspondence. We serve a great God and it is hard not to tell about my great friend. I believe through the Word and taking of communion that our DNA actually changes and our Father knows how to give such greater gifts than our father on earth. God is not far away but so close to us that he interacts through every aspect of our lives as I believe we just need to quiet the noise all around us. Be Blessed. Gary.

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