Amazing spiritual battle going on at the Fed

We arrived and were processed through very easily at the Federal CI. The morning program went well, we had a decent crowd and we planted a lot of seed.

The afternoon though was really where it all went down! We had a room full of inmates who had to have tickets to come. These were handed out at the morning program. The platform guests started out and were doing great and then the Lord called an audible. Lisa told me that God was prompting her to tell her story and she did to great effect. I will let her tell that part. Right after she finished you could tell the Spirit of God was in the room, the last speaker came up and began…well about that time the classroom next to us erupted in chanting and drum beating, it was loud and crazy. There was no doubt the devil did not want this speaker to finish but he acted as if nothing was going on. At the end, he huddled everyone up and there was a great harvest. This entire deal puts it right in your face how serious the battle between God and satan is. To God be the Glory!

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