jerrilyn johnson

Jerrilyn Johnson

Jerrilyn Johnson is a graduate of Clemson University in SC. She has a very complex career in finance. She did not get here in the normal manner. You see, Jerrilyn was sexually abused as a very young child. She was then violently and repeatedly raped in her home at the tender age of 12. These vicious attacks drove her out of her home at an early age and onto the streets where she quickly became addicted to drugs. Jerrilyn maintained a serious habit which included intravenous use of cocaine and more. Her life became so horrible that she had a “suicide shot” drawn up and was ready to kill herself. At that point she cried out to God to save her if He was real. He did and changed the course of her life. He chose an interesting way to get her out of trouble. She shares these details and more in her presentations.

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