Mobile Metro County Jail Report

Hello Fly Right Family!

Fly Right had a great day in Mobile Metro County Jail on Saturday.

Prayer in Mobile
Praying and Praising the Lord!

God gave us 1525 inmates to witness to and about 40 teammates to get it done.  Lisa Ernst, John Heideman and Joe Nichols did an awesome job keeping a dozen speakers on time and in the right places so our teammates could be used by God to carry His Gospel message!  The security team was outstanding; in fact the access they blessed us with was truly phenomenal.

The Lord used these blessings to change 631 prisoner’s lives and answered the prayers of countless families.  196 of these were first time decisions for our Lord and Savior Jesus!  There were also 436 re-dedications and reassurance prayers lifted up to the Lord!

We also want to give a shout out to all our ministry partners who helped make this a real work of the Body of Christ…it was a blessing to see!  Thank you all very much.

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