Help Fly Right Do More by supporting our Fundraisers

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Support by Donating for Events

Throughout the year, we’ll be ministering to the prisons with almost 20 different events. Your gift will help us to reach even more prisoners and inmates for Christ by helping us offset the cost of a specific event of your choice!

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General Mission Support

A General Mission Support gift goes to underwrite all that we do at Fly Right Ministry. This gift helps to support not only all of our prison events & activies throughout the year, but general overhead that’s required to keep the ministry functioning in a manner that honor our Lord.

We also accept in-kind donations

In-kind donations are non-cash gifts made to nonprofit organizations. In-kind donations for nonprofits can be made by individuals, corporations, and businesses. Some examples of in-kind donations are:

  • Physical items like sports equipment, food, office supplies and furniture, vehicles: operational and geographically located
  • Services like pro-bono consulting, repair work
  • Copyright and intellectual property like being able to use an artist’s music royalty free
  • Free or discounted use of facilities
  • Financial securities that can be traded on the open market and converted to cash.
  • payment of a stock dividend or inheritance

Donating to Fly Right, Inc. Using Money from an IRA

You can sell shares from your investment brokerage account to donate to a qualified charity, such as Fly Right Ministry. This is called a qualified charitable distribution (QCD). You can take a QCD from your individual retirement account (IRA) as well. A QCD is not subject to ordinary federal income taxes. The amount is simply excluded from your taxable income. You can take a maximum of $100,000 per year in QCDs and you must be at least 70½.

If you have reached the age 72, you must start taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your IRA or face tax penalties. The required starting date used to be 70½, but the age was increased to 72 with the SECURE Act in 2020. You can avoid paying taxes on RMDs by donating the money to a charity such as Fly Right Ministry.

Using an IRA to make a charitable donation can help lower a tax bill and help a worthy cause. Distributions must be made directly to the charity (Fly Right, Inc.).  All distribution checks must be made payable to the charity or they will be counted as taxable distributions. The charity must receive the donations by December 31 for the amounts to be applied to that year’s tax return.

Another way to donate IRA assets is through an estate after the donor's death by naming the charity as the designated beneficiary of the IRA. The charity will receive the percentage of the IRA assets stated on the beneficiary designation form.

Please consider Fly Right, Inc. as your qualified charity.  We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit ministry.  Please click here to contact us.

Talk to your IRA custodian or financial advisor for details on charitable donations.

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