FCI Pollock Outreach

When we got the word that we had to cut down from 45 teammates to 10, I was devastated.  Little did I know that God would take that and use it to His advantage!  One person told me we were “Gideon’s Army”.  I liked the thought of that and just turned it over to Him.

We were treated to a great welcome and many turned out.  So many in fact, there was no practical way to keep count of the number of inmates who made decisions, at one point; I must have had two dozen men around me.  Those that did get written down tallied up to 83 men who made life changing decisions.

Something really special happened and the spiritual warfare was very evident as well.  Just as a matter of course when I was speaking on the yard in the morning program I introduced several of our teammates.  One was Lisa.  I asked her why she was there and she answered simply, to share Christ and because she grew up with her dad in prison.

The afternoon callout showed us how many men wanted to know more about Lisa’s story.  Before she knew this she came to me and asked me if she could share what the Lord had put on her heart.  I made the arrangements and in two minutes half the room was in tears.  You see, God has a plan and if I had been given my way, this could not have happened.  It was one of those moments in time where you know God was there and doing something special.

There were 34 men and women that I had to call and ask them to understand why we could not bring them to the event.  I hope this letter finds its way into their hands so that they too can understand what their role was in God’s plan.

Please keep Fly Right, Inc. in your prayers as we continue to minister to the least of these.

P.S.  The spiritual warfare was so evident it was chilling.  While Marvin was closing the afternoon program, the Indians next door started chanting and beating on their drums.  Marvin did not miss a beat…he kept on delivering the life changing Word of God!

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