Awesome in Alabama at Elmore

The Fly Right team went into Elmore CI and ministered to the least of these!  The weather turned ugly and cold as if the devil did not want us there!  :~)

Despite the obstacles, there were many smiling faces on the yard that day.  God always gets his way in spite of the devil’s attacks or our shortcomings!

We arrived at the unit by 7am and left by 1:30pm. In the end, 21 teammates, bikers and platform guests lead 87 men to make decisions for Christ! Praise God!

This event was unusual because we had 100% attendance. Everyone who signed up showed up. God really brought out the “A” team to minister this time. John Lance and his lovely wife, Stephanie led our group and did an outstanding job. Thank you both!

We thank the Lord for this great event. We’d like to thank the staff at the prison for their help as well. Chaplain Woodfin has a great team of guys who work for him at the chapel and they did an amazing job. May God bless them richly for their service.

Our next event is in Columbus, OH on November 17th.  Please keep us lifted in prayer.  Our first event in 2013 will be in Mobile, AL.  We need 60 men and women to minister to 1700 male and female prisoners.  Bikes are needed, but the bikes need to be “small.” The doors in the jail are 36 inches and there are corners involved. Let us know if you want to join us! We could sure use you!


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