Teammates comments on Mobile event

Fly Right went to Mobile, AL in January and we had awesome time! Here are some comments from those who went with us:

“It was an amazing experience. The team, the officers (at the jail) and the inmates were VERY receptive.”

“The overall event ran smooth. Coordinators were on top of the event.”

“It was the best experience! The people were just as hungry for God and His word as we are.”

“”it was a blessing. I believe the Lord was present and glorified”

“Awesome! This was my first event. God has blessed us all”

“I loved it! As usual, I struggled with the devil to get here but now I am blessed!”

“Enjoyed it very much. It moved along smoothly.”

We hope to go back to Metro County jail soon. The officers and chaplains there are tops! Stay tuned as these details develop

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