Laurie’s experience at Scioto JC

The three men that went with us on Saturday were George, Steve and Deaven. The women were Lisa, Kim, Jeanette, Brenda and Laurie.

There were 13 girls in attendance at the program. Jim Harris from Fly Right Ministry began by flying remote airplanes and helicopters to capture their attention and entertain. He then gave his testimony of drug addiction and imprisonment. When we broke into small groups to share the gospel, Brenda and Laurie each had three girls in their group. Jeanette had the largest group, 7 in all, who would not get off the bleachers. Two of the girls in Laurie’s group knew the gospel inside out and could have been a volunteer themselves! The third one accepted Jesus! Brenda’s group was similar. Jeanette had a rougher time of it but she handled it well.

Meanwhile in the boys section, Lisa, Kim and Deaven had their own small groups with the boys after Jim’s presentation. Lisa said that there was tension in the air and one boy began physically assaulting another. Ultimately 6 boys entered into the fight. In the girl’s area, we could hear the call come over the intercom and we could hear the panic in the guard’s voice. They got it under control but it was very volatile. We found out later it was gang related. It was very sad to see so many young men so angry. Please pray for them!!

George and Steve were assigned to the boys who were in lockdown area – the “baddest of the bad”. They spoke with young men through the bars of their cells, gave them donuts and gave them the gospel. It went well for them and at least one accepted Christ for the first time!!
Laurie was able to speak with one of the officers as well. She said she typically worked on the Hill – which is where the worst offenders are housed. It was unusual for her to be in with the girls. She said she had accepted Christ but had fallen away because of a bad experience with her church. Laurie asked her if she wanted to rededicate her life to Him and she said yes!! Afterward she said she knew why God had been assigned to the girls after all!!

The girls have dreams for their future, nursing and other professions. And yet, some wonder about their lives being transformed. It is easy to talk about Jesus and be excited about Him while in prison but what about when they leave? One of the girls asked Laurie to pray that she would get out before her baby was born in April. We pray her life will be changed forever!

If you feel led to pray more, pray that their salvation is real and their transformation goes deep so when they get out, they don’t return to their old ways, but live in His power. Thanks!

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