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We thank all of you for the wonderful amount of support you have given us in the name of the Lord.  We are also grateful for your participation.  Thank you for not growing weary of doing good!

Over the next month we are working with our friends, facilities and our board to put in place the plan going forward for the rest of 2012 and part of 2013.

Our desire is to have a calendar running from March 2012 to February 2013.  The following places are being considered and prayed about:


  1. FCI Pollock in March, the two dates available are the 17th and the 24th
  2. An unnamed unit near Meridian with no date assigned (Reason for no name is it has not been cleared to do this with the unit that we hope to go into yet)
  3. Metro-Davidson CCA (We hope to go here again, probably during a season of harsh weather since it is inside)
  4. A CCA jail in Chattanooga (Have not received final clearance yet, working with their home office to obtain and again, it will likely be during a harsh weather season since it is inside as well)
  5. A women’s prison in Alabama (We are hoping and praying that this is possible and likely will be in the fall)
  6. A major prison in lower Alabama where we have had many requests to go from some of you!  Pray for favor!!
  7. There are a couple of prisons in between Memphis and Chattanooga where we may have access (Pray for wisdom of choice in this area)
  8. A women’s regional prison in Mississippi (We have tentative clearance to go into this unit and are praying for the right date to do so)
  9. Columbus, OH (To have an impact on the human trafficking issue/problem that is faced there)

We have made significant progress obtaining partnerships with other like minded ministry organizations to attain our goals.  We covet your prayers above all things.  On February 10th our board is being advised by one of the leading authorities in prison ministry of our time.  Please pray for wisdom as we seek God’s will in all of these areas.

Blessings to you all,

Jim Harris

Image above used with permission from inmate.



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