From a Missions Director

I have discovered that Jim has a real passion for reaching people who are on the edge of our society. He has the ability and personal life experiences to communicate very effectively with youth to help them make good life choices and to help those people who made poor choices to find hope and turn their lives around.

Jim is a committed Christian who uses his hobbies and interests to encourage others to hear what he has to say about his faith. He has the integrity to be trusted to do what is right and best. He is diligent in performing accepted tasks and is willing to learn from others about how to best accomplish those tasks.

I have always found Jim to be helpful and trustworthy both as tech support for our computers and as a resource person for ministry suggestions to the prison population and youth in our area.

I am delighted to recommend Him and would encourage you to provide any support possible to his ministries.

Wayne Edwards
Associational Missions Director
Lauderdale Baptist Association

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